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HELIABRINE FIRST WRINKLES CREAMHELIABRINE FIRST WRINKLES CREAMHelps to fight the aging process, correcting the appearance of early lines and wrinkles and hydrating and protecting the skin
HELIABRINE GINKOMASK for the faceHELIABRINE GINKOMASK for the faceGinkgo Biloba, renowned as plants of life, is the base of this unique gel-like mask. While normalizing the skin it helps ease dryness and soothe sensitivity.  Recommended for dull, wrinkled and dehydrated skin.  Safe on dry skin.  Helps micro-blood circulation.
HELIABRINE LIFT & ILLUMINATE SERUMHELIABRINE LIFT & ILLUMINATE SERUM8 Hour Lifting Effect!  Long lasting lifting serum.  Matifying effect.  Traces of tiredness fade away and skin becomes instantly younger.  Gives a natural lifting effect and exceptional radiance.  Acts even on the deepest wrinkles.
HELIABRINE MARINE COLLAGEN AMPOULESHELIABRINE MARINE COLLAGEN AMPOULESNew improved formula.  This product has been especially formulated for tired and devitalized skin.  Use this 20 day skin treatment for visibly firmer, softer and more toned skin.
HELIABRINE MELTING BALM with Shea ButterHELIABRINE MELTING BALM with Shea ButterA non-irritating cream for the skin.  Nourishes, protects and restores fragile and irritated skin.  Great for massages.
HELIABRINE MOISTURIZING MILK for the BodyHELIABRINE MOISTURIZING MILK for the BodyA Moisturizing lotion to use daily to hydrate and soothe the skin.
HELIABRINE NORMALIZING CREAM w HYALURONIC ACIDHELIABRINE NORMALIZING CREAM w HYALURONIC ACIDHydrates the upper layer of the epidermis and rebuilds the cutaneous protective barrier. Nourishes the skin without feeling oily. Gentle and calming. Can be used as a night cream.

Nutri 24 Cream works with the biological rhythm of the skin to create an homogeneous skin barrier.  This product suits the most demanding skins and provides all the elements required for cells to function.  This is a new formula which relaces Cream 54.

HELIABRINE NUTRI-VITAMIN SERUM with CALENDULAHELIABRINE NUTRI-VITAMIN SERUM with CALENDULANEW FORMULA.  Soothes, protects and regenerates the skin. An effective anti-aging treatment, that leaves the skin with a younger, fresher texture.
HELIABRINE POST DEPILATORY GELHELIABRINE POST DEPILATORY GELSoothing gel for relief after waxing, shaving or other depilatory actions
HELIABRINE ROLLING (exfoliating) PEEL CREAM w A.H.A.HELIABRINE ROLLING (exfoliating) PEEL CREAM w A.H.A.This cream is the gentlest, most effective method of exfoliation. It deep cleanses the skin, eliminating dead cell layers and all impurities missed by normal cleansing. Helps the cell renewal process.
HELIABRINE SENSITIVE SKIN NORMALIZING MASKHELIABRINE SENSITIVE SKIN NORMALIZING MASKNourishes and soothes sensitive and reactive skin. Contains normalizing complexion properties which aid in the elimination of skin blush and redness
HELIASLIM EXFOLIATING SOAPHELIASLIM EXFOLIATING SOAPAn powerful exfoliating soap that moisturizes and nourishes the skin to reduce cellulite
HELIASLIM SLIMMING GELHELIASLIM SLIMMING GELA gel to assist circulation and inhibit creation of new fat deposits. Use with Slimming Soap for best results.
HELIXIENCE BODY MILK LOTIONHELIXIENCE BODY MILK LOTIONA non greasy formula that melts into the skin.  It provides moisturization and fights brown spots and lack of firmness.
HELIXIENCE CLEARING TREATMENTHELIXIENCE CLEARING TREATMENTChosen for their synergetic action, the plant extracts used in this mask inhibit the formation of melanin, which is the cause of skin discoloration
HELIXIENCE® WHITE RESOLUTION TIME RECOVERY SERUMHELIXIENCE® WHITE RESOLUTION TIME RECOVERY SERUMThis outstanding formula restores a radiant skin and fights significantly the signs of aging (wrinkles, lack of firmness and brown spots).   It has powerful anti-wrinkle properties that restore the firmness and the density of the skin.

Thanks to the ingredients of this serum, WHITESPHERE® TM PREMIUM brightening complex and a bearberry extract helps reduce brown spots and produces a fairer complexion,  AIparzine®-4A prevents aging and fights inflammation and Hyaluronic Acid deeply moisturizes and fills in wrinkles while restoring lost volume. 
SATIN CREAM for the BodySATIN CREAM for the BodyA rich cream to restructure, firm, hydrate and repair the skin
VITA CITRAL ANTI-AGING HAND CREAMVITA CITRAL ANTI-AGING HAND CREAMAnti-aging cream for the hands. Age spots treatment. Visible results on age spots in 60 Days. Citrus Extracts reduce and prevent age spots. Vitamin E, Seaweed/Organic Silica Complex neutralizes free radicals. Cereal Germ Oil and Plant Glycerin nourishes and moisturizes. With a UVB Filter to protect against the sun. Use daily.
VITA CITRAL DRY HAND CREAM with Shea ButterVITA CITRAL DRY HAND CREAM with Shea ButterFOR VERY DRY, ROUGH HANDS. Visible results within an hour. With Shea Butter to restore the surface oil/water film. A Complex of Essential Fatty Acids protects and restores cell cohesion, Vitamin E regenerates and protects. Use daily.
VITA CITRAL HYDRA DEFENSE Hand CreamVITA CITRAL HYDRA DEFENSE Hand CreamNEW Hand cream for severely dry, cracked hands. Intense long lasting hydration. It lasts 24 hours. For Extreme conditions dry, rough hands
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HELIABRINE ESSENTIAL CAREHÉLIABRINE Essental Care line for normal and dry skin. 
HELIABRINE SENSITIVE SKIN CAREHelabrine sensitive skin care
HELIABRINE FOR OILY AND ACNE SKINHeliabrine care for oily and acne prone skin
HAND and NAIL CAREA complete line of hand and nail products to reduce and prevent signs of aging and to strengthen and protect the nails.
ECRINAL HAIR and LASH CAREEcrinal Treatments stimulate hair growth, which is why Ecrinal is so good for eyelashes also
SATIN RANGE BODY TREATMENTSHéliabrine Satin Range is a spa line featuring unique formulas, for a smooth and moisturized skin.

FOOT CAREAkileine foot care products. Also Akildia Diabetic foot care used by runners to avoid problems. A complete line of foot products to help care for the feet, including hydration, exfoliating, moisturizing and diabetic care. Also massage cream and foot bath salts.

Sports Akileine

The largest and most effective line of sports creams.  Sports Akileine is the officially nominated supplier to The French National University Federation of Sports and The French Olympic Team.

But you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits. Sports Akileine is for anyone engaging in exercise of any kind.

Products For Anyone Engaging in Exercise of Any Kind, not just athletes. Prices cut substantially at this time.

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