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ECRINAL FRENCH MANICURE KITECRINAL FRENCH MANICURE KITA genuine French manicure at home - don't be fooled by cheap imitations.  Helps to fortify nails and hides imperfections.
Mild formula, frequent use shampoo, excellent for dry and brittle hair.  
With silk amino acids exclusively from Laboratoires Asepta.
ECRINAL NAIL BASE COATECRINAL NAIL BASE COATGoes on like nail varnish and dries to a natural appearance (1 coat) or porcelain white (2 coats). Gives uneven nails a smooth and even surface. Discolored nails look beautiful again. Contains Ceramides and Oligo Phycocoral® which repair damaged nails and promotes strength and growth.
ECRINAL NAIL CUTICLE SOFTENING GELECRINAL NAIL CUTICLE SOFTENING GELApply weekly for beautiful, healthy cuticles. Gentle formula based on glycerin and AHA. Acts without damaging the nail or epidermis.  Compare to your regular cream and see the difference!
ECRINAL NAIL STRENGTHENER/HARDENERECRINAL NAIL STRENGTHENER/HARDENERBasic care for soft "paper thin", fragile, dull nails. Silk Lipesters® play a double role, repairing and protecting against microbial attack. Also contains organic silicon, zinc, methionine and pro-vitamin B5.
ECRINAL NAIL STRENGTHENING CREAMECRINAL NAIL STRENGTHENING CREAMPromotes growth in brittle, splitting, ridged, cracked and bitten nails. Strengthens soft nails, moisturizes brittle nails. Can be used over polish.
HA CLARIFYING TONIC LOTIONHA CLARIFYING TONIC LOTIONA toner for oily or acne prone skin.  Tightens the dilated pores of the skin and clears the complexion. Soothes and keeps the skin in balance. Also recommended as a safe and soothing after-shave.
HA CLEANSING LATHER GELHA CLEANSING LATHER GELFor daily but non-aggressive cleansing of sensitive skin with acne conditions of all types.  It normalizes the secretion of sebum. Contains a bactericide and anti inflammatory formula.
HA HYDRATING GELHA HYDRATING GELContains soothing and normalizing agents. Recommended for use on oily, acne and dry skin conditions.
HA PURIFYING MASK FOR OILY SKINHA PURIFYING MASK FOR OILY SKINA deep cleansing facial formula that clears the pores and aids in the elimination of aged skin cells and skin impurities.
HA PURIPHYL® SOLUTION for AcneHA PURIPHYL® SOLUTION for AcneA treatment for oily skin and skin that is prone to acne.  Combats bacteria and protects against the outbreak of acne conditions of all types.
HELIABRINE  WRINKLE  FILLERHELIABRINE WRINKLE FILLERThis Intensive anti-aging treatment redensifies the skin, fills in deep wrinkles and fights the loss of firmness.

In 7 days, the skin looks visibly younger, firmer and more dense. Wrinkles have faded away (25%* reduction of deep wrinkles).
After 28 days, even deep wrinkles are reduced, the skin has recovered its youthful look.
HELIABRINE 8 HOUR INSTANT LIFTING AMPOULESHELIABRINE 8 HOUR INSTANT LIFTING AMPOULESThis product has been especially formulated for tired and devitalized skin.  Immediate and long lasting lifting (8 hours)  Instant regenerating effect. The skin recovers instantly its freshness and its radiance.

HELIABRINE AUTO TANHELIABRINE AUTO TANA sunless tanning cream for perfect, streak-free natural looking tan.  Use in conjunction with exfoliating cream and moisturizer. 
HELIABRINE BALANCING LOTION with SWEET CLOVERHELIABRINE BALANCING LOTION with SWEET CLOVERMade especially for sensitive skin, Heliabrine Balancing Lotion soothes rosacea and irritated skin.  Leaves your face feeling fresh, soft and comfortable.
HELIABRINE BODY EXFOLIATING CREAMHELIABRINE BODY EXFOLIATING CREAMExfoliating cream with oats to slough away old and renew skin.  New improved Formula.
HELIABRINE BUST CARE SERUMHELIABRINE BUST CARE SERUMA natural formula to tone, firm and improve the shape of the breasts. A four week treatment for healthier and younger skin. 
HELIABRINE CLEANSING MILK w JojobaHELIABRINE CLEANSING MILK w JojobaSuitable for all skin types. Gently purifies and cleanses all traces of impurities, make-up and sebum.  Follow with Tonic Lotion.
HELIABRINE CLEANSING MILK with SWEET CLOVERHELIABRINE CLEANSING MILK with SWEET CLOVERA gentle cleansing formula that retains the physiological pH balance of the skin, while removing any skin impurities and make-up residue.  A sensitive skin cleanser with Allantoin which soothes redness and irritations.  Suitable for the most sensitive and reactive skin.
HELIABRINE COMFORT 32 ROSACEA CREAMHELIABRINE COMFORT 32 ROSACEA CREAMIdeal for dry, fragile and demanding skin. Helps hydrating, repairing and fighting the aging process, while having a calming action.
HELIABRINE DRY SKIN TONERHELIABRINE DRY SKIN TONERAn essential follow-up to the Cleansing Milk.  Refreshes, revitalizes and clarifies the skin. Suited for all skin types. Alcohol and paraben free.
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HELIABRINE ESSENTIAL CAREHÉLIABRINE Essental Care line for normal and dry skin. 
HELIABRINE SENSITIVE SKIN CAREHelabrine sensitive skin care
HELIABRINE FOR OILY AND ACNE SKINHeliabrine care for oily and acne prone skin
HAND and NAIL CAREA complete line of hand and nail products to reduce and prevent signs of aging and to strengthen and protect the nails.
ECRINAL HAIR and LASH CAREEcrinal Treatments stimulate hair growth, which is why Ecrinal is so good for eyelashes also
SATIN RANGE BODY TREATMENTSHéliabrine Satin Range is a spa line featuring unique formulas, for a smooth and moisturized skin.

FOOT CAREAkileine foot care products. Also Akildia Diabetic foot care used by runners to avoid problems. A complete line of foot products to help care for the feet, including hydration, exfoliating, moisturizing and diabetic care. Also massage cream and foot bath salts.

Sports Akileine

The largest and most effective line of sports creams.  Sports Akileine is the officially nominated supplier to The French National University Federation of Sports and The French Olympic Team.

But you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits. Sports Akileine is for anyone engaging in exercise of any kind.

Products For Anyone Engaging in Exercise of Any Kind, not just athletes. Prices cut substantially at this time.

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