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ACRYLIC NAIL DAMAGE REPAIR SERUMACRYLIC NAIL DAMAGE REPAIR SERUMNEW PRODUCT! Acrylic Nail Damage Repair serum is recommended for all artificial nail users. It strengthens damaged nails. Can be applied over nail polish.
AKILEINE AKILDIA for DIABETIC FEETAKILEINE AKILDIA for DIABETIC FEETThis cream is specifically designed for the care of diabetic feet.  In a study of diabetic runners, 80% reported NO PAIN after using Akildia once a day for 3 months. Speeds tissue repair, improves the skin's natural defenses and prevents the dehydration and lesions commonly associated with diabetic feet.
AKILEINE BLUE LINE FOOT EXFOLIATING CREAMAKILEINE BLUE LINE FOOT EXFOLIATING CREAMFor very dry, rough skin and calluses. With Salicylic Acid. An exfoliating cream that removes hard, thickened skin and dead cells INSTANTLY. Smooths, softens and helps new skin to regenerate. Three sizes to choose from.
AKILEINE BLUE LINE HYDRA-DEFENSE BALMAKILEINE BLUE LINE HYDRA-DEFENSE BALMFor very dry feet and calluses. 66% hydration from the first application, lasting for 24 hours. Regular skin-moisture rate recovered in only 7 days. With Silk Lipesters, Imperata Cylindrica, Camelina Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and D Panthenol.
AKILEINE BLUE LINE HYDRA-DEFENSE BATH OILAKILEINE BLUE LINE HYDRA-DEFENSE BATH OILAkileine Hydra-Defense Bath Oil for your feet.  Made of Silk Lipesters and Camelina oil.  Prevent hyperkeratosis with this product.  Restore the moisture balance to very dry feet, leaving the skin soft and supple.
AKILEINE CICALEINE for CRACKED HEELSAKILEINE CICALEINE for CRACKED HEELSFor cracks and chapped skin on the hands and feet. (See details page for incredible results in clinical studies.) Soothes pain and inflammation and speeds healing. Visible Results in first 7 days. With Silk Lipesters, D-Panthenol, Centella Asiatica and Enoxolone.
AKILEINE CREAM for FOOT ODORAKILEINE CREAM for FOOT ODORFor excessive foot perspiration and odor. Prevents Mycosis and Microbial Infections. A Long Lasting Treatment to Restore Normal Perspiration. With Lipoaminoacids, Silk Lipesters, Triclosan, and Vitamin E.
AKILEINE NUTRA REPAIR DRY FOOT CREAMAKILEINE NUTRA REPAIR DRY FOOT CREAMReplaces Regenerating Dry Foot Cream.  For very dry feet and calluses.  56% hydration from the first application, lasting for 6 hours.  Contains Natural Shea Butter, Lipo-aminoacids and Patented IPARZINE® 4A (Asepta Exclusive).   Heals, moisturizes, and balances the skin's pH naturally. Three sizes to choose from.  Prices have been reduced.
AKILEINE PHYTO GEL For Heavy Legs SyndromeAKILEINE PHYTO GEL For Heavy Legs SyndromeInstantly relaxes and soothes the torment of Heavy Legs Syndrome.  Increases tonicity.  Leaves skin smooth and satiny.  Improves draining in the case of pregnancy, strong heat, standing, excess weight, flying.  Very fast penetration.
AKILEINE PUMICE SPONGEAKILEINE PUMICE SPONGEA pumice sponge for very dry, rough skin and calluses.  Better than pumice, for those VERY tough areas. A high grade pumice sponge, pleasant to use and leaves no smell even after prolonged use.
AKILEINE RED LIINE INTENSIVELY REFRESHING ICE GELAKILEINE RED LIINE INTENSIVELY REFRESHING ICE GELIntensely Refreshing Gel Instant relief for hot, tired, swollen feet and legs. Instant cooling and pain relief, reduces inflammation, tones and stimulates. With Enoxolone, Sweet Clover, Ginkgo Biloba, and Horse Chestnut
AKILEINE RED LINE RELAXING FOOT BATH SALTSAKILEINE RED LINE RELAXING FOOT BATH SALTSFor hot, tired, swollen feet and legs. Restores skin's pH, stimulates the circulation, decongests and healing. With Lipoaminoacids, Sea Salts, Essential oils of Pine, Mint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

Fluid and non-greasy lotion formula.  For very dry feet and legs.  For soreness from sun exposure or after waxing. Soothes INSTANTLY.  With Extract of Calendula, and Vitamins F and E. The association of Calendula, Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids hydrates and smoothes the skin, making it soft and velvety from the first application.
(This is twice the amount of the previous container.)

AKILEINE SPORT KINOK MASSAGE CREAMAKILEINE SPORT KINOK MASSAGE CREAMA special body massage cream with an incredible 30% Shea Butter content. Has a very good "touch" and "slipping" ability. Used by professionals. Tested in a medical environment. Authentic, unique formula with essential oils.  This is a full 15 ounces of product. 
AKILEINE SPORTS COLD cold/damp protectionAKILEINE SPORTS COLD cold/damp protectionFor protection from the cold and dampness, preventing development of frostbites and chilblains.
AKILEINE SPORTS KIMAS Massage OilAKILEINE SPORTS KIMAS Massage OilMassage before and after sports.  Protects the skin.  Rich in Arnica
AKILEINE SPORTS KOO Crackling Foam SprayAKILEINE SPORTS KOO Crackling Foam SprayCRACKLING SOOTHING foam for skin care, effective cryogen (cold snapshot), slowing nerve transmission of pain message
AKILEINE SPORTS NOK Friction CreamAKILEINE SPORTS NOK Friction CreamAnti chafing and anti friction cream that contains 30% Shea Butter.  It strengthens the skin and prevents the formation of blisters and chafing and improves the skin's elasticity and resistance.  For marathons, triathlons, cross country or the occasional exerciser. 

A relaxing gel for MUSCULAR RECOVERY.  Relaxes the muscles after exercise without lengthy massage. For stiff muscles from ANY cause - not only sports related.  Proven efficiency on the decrease in muscular tiredness. Makes muscular recovery faster. Non-greasy – no massage needed.

AKILEINE SPORTS SANOZ Washing LotionAKILEINE SPORTS SANOZ Washing LotionThe ideal solution to get rid of perspiration tracks after sports.  No water needed. 
AKILEINE SPORTS START Warm up GelAKILEINE SPORTS START Warm up GelA gel that supplies instant DEEP heat and reduces the risk of muscular accidents. Prepares the skin and muscles before sports or doing any exercise in cold weather conditions. After injuries supplies instant, localized heating. Excellent for joint and muscle pain relief. Used by doctors to relieve arthritis, and other joint and muscle pain.

Contains Nicotafuryl, Camphor and Glycol salicylate
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HELIABRINE ESSENTIAL CAREHÉLIABRINE Essental Care line for normal and dry skin. 
HELIABRINE SENSITIVE SKIN CAREHelabrine sensitive skin care
HELIABRINE FOR OILY AND ACNE SKINHeliabrine care for oily and acne prone skin
HAND and NAIL CAREA complete line of hand and nail products to reduce and prevent signs of aging and to strengthen and protect the nails.
ECRINAL HAIR and LASH CAREEcrinal Treatments stimulate hair growth, which is why Ecrinal is so good for eyelashes also
SATIN RANGE BODY TREATMENTSHéliabrine Satin Range is a spa line featuring unique formulas, for a smooth and moisturized skin.

FOOT CAREAkileine foot care products. Also Akildia Diabetic foot care used by runners to avoid problems. A complete line of foot products to help care for the feet, including hydration, exfoliating, moisturizing and diabetic care. Also massage cream and foot bath salts.

Sports Akileine

The largest and most effective line of sports creams.  Sports Akileine is the officially nominated supplier to The French National University Federation of Sports and The French Olympic Team.

But you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits. Sports Akileine is for anyone engaging in exercise of any kind.

Products For Anyone Engaging in Exercise of Any Kind, not just athletes. Prices cut substantially at this time.

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