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ECRINAL ANP2+ HAIR REDENSIFYING SOLUTION: A replacement for the ampoules

ECRINAL ANP2+ HAIR REDENSIFYING SOLUTION: A replacement for the ampoules

ECRINAL ANP2+ HAIR REDENSIFYING SOLUTION: A replacement for the ampoules
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For Hair Loss in Men and Women

Clinical Studies Show:
Hair Loss Stopped or Reduced in 85% after 2 Months
Obvious Hair Re-growth in 67% after 4 Months
Distinct Improvement in Seborrhea in 91%

Based on Asepta's Internationally patented ANP® (horse mane extract)

Use At The First Signs of Hair Loss
With a very high concentration (40%) in ANP (tricholipids - horse mane extract), this product has a truly regenerating effect on the hair and its roots.
It is used as a daily in-depth treatment and acts as a gentle bath for dry hair in tropical climates.
It also has a highly beneficial effect on greasy hair (seborrhea).

• The most concentrated product (40%) in the ANP® range
• Stimulates Hair Growth
• Slows Down Hair Loss
• Regenerates the Hair Roots
• Stimulates the Production of Keratin

ANP 40® is not limited to its main effect (hair loss) but also acts on the root causes of hair loss.

It is recommended for:
• Excessive hair loss. As soon as the first excessive hair loss appears, in men and women, as well as in hair loss already in an advanced stage.
• Thinning scalp
. In cases where hair growth slows down and it is necessary to assist re-growth in weakened hair by stimulating and activating the tissues which provide nutrition
• In cases of seborrheic alopecia, especially in men
• In some cases of hair loss with dandruff
• Anaemic hair. In cases where scalp and hair condition need to be improved in order to increase vitality by making the hair healthier, stronger and more alive

First and Second Month: every other day
Third Month: 2 applications per week

In the course of the first few applications of ANP 40®, greater hair loss may occur in some cases. This is normal and involves hair at the end of its cycle. Do not stop treatment if this happens as this hair loss will stop quickly once deficient hair falls out.

Remove the cap.  Plunge the dropper into the bottle. Press the tip of the dropper and release.  Take the dropper out and apply to the scalp, slowly pressing the tip.  Renew application several times all over the scalp.  Massage in with fingertips to activate penetration.  Leave on scalp for at least 30 minutes.  Wash your hair with Ecrinal ANP 2+ shampoo.
Comment:  Whenever possible, we recommend you leave the product on overnight.  You can wrap a towel around your head when you go to sleep.

Size 50 ml bottle Price $70.00
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