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Sensations of heat, stinging, itching, blotches, discomfort, skin dryness:
the lot of sensitive skin, a condition which affects one in two women.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

This broad definition covers a complex situation: sensitive skins differ from allergic skins in that this is not a true disorder. Nonetheless, sensitive skin has a much lower threshold of sensitivity to external factors compared to normal skin.

This Excessive Sensitivity Can Take Several Forms:

  • HEREDITARY: the skin is fragile, generally very thin, dehydrated, subject to redness with a tendency to blotchiness.

  • INDUCED: normal skin can become sensitive under the effect of internal factors (fatigue, stress, diet) or external factors (sun, cold, wind, air-conditioning, pollution, dermatological diseases, medical treatment).

  • NO PARTICULAR CAUSE: in the majority of cases, it is actually quite difficult to attribute skin sensitivity to one specific cause. It is simply found that this type of skin is more fragile and more vulnerable.

In all cases, signs of lack of tolerance appear in varying degrees of severity. These symptoms are neither serious nor irreversible.

This type of skin needs a lot of gentleness and protection, as well as special care.


The compounds in the HELIABRINE ® sensitive range of face care products have been selected to minimize the risk of skin intolerance. It is formulated specifically for sensitive and rosacea skin care.

Most skins react to stress and environment. In this line of skin care products Heliabrine uses several plants in synergy; the main one is sweet clover, known as Melilotus Officinalis, a soothing anti-inflammatory plant; it also improves the resistance of the capillaries (small blood vessels) making the line ideal for red blotchy skin and rosacea.

Developed under the supervision of pharmacists and dermatologists, this range of products has been conceived to minimize the risk of allergy. **

Daily Care For Sensitive And Reactive Skin

Cleansing Milk with Sweet Clover: Apply morning and evening, rinse with warm water then apply Balancing lotion with Sweet Clover.

Balancing Lotion with Sweet Clover:  Apply morning and evening after cleansing.

Normalizing Cream with Sweet Clover:This sensitive skin cream can be during the day or at night. If your skin is dry, use Comfort 32 cream as a night cream.

Comfort 32 Cream: Apply a small amount of cream every night to clean, dry skin on face, gently massaging it in. If the skin is very dry, this cream can also be used s a day cream.

Weekly Treatments

Normalizing Mask with Cotton Milk: Once a week, apply a thin layer to the face after cleansing thoroughly. Remove after 15 minutes using cotton wool soaked in Balancing lotion with Sweet Clover. For very dry skin, you can leave the mask on overnight after removing any excess with a wipe.

Treatment Program

Nutri-vitamin Serum with Calendula: Apply a few drops every night to the face and neck for about 20 days. Repeat this treatment 3 to 4 times a year.

**The Result Of Pharmaceutical Research And Dermatological-Controlled Tests, Heliabrine® Products Are Rigorously Tested At All Stages Of Production.

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