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Coup d’Eclat Organic Skin Care

The world famous Coup d'Eclat Lifting Ampoule has been the beauty secreet of European ladies since its invention in 1975.  The line has now expanded with a new generation of botanical active ingredients and is ready to help women of all ages preserve their beauty and fight the aging process.   Laboratoires Asepta has been helping women solve these problems for nearly 70 years. Trust them to help you.

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COUP d'ECLAT COMFORT CREAM 1st WRINKLESCOUP d'ECLAT COMFORT CREAM 1st WRINKLESA light texture cream that soothes and moisturizes sensitive and reactive skin.  Prevents the first signs of aging.  This is the perfect cream for younger people to prevent wrinkles or for those who are beginning to see wrinkles.   Paraben free.  Non comedogenic.
COUP d'ECLAT COMFORTING RICH TEXTURE CREAMCOUP d'ECLAT COMFORTING RICH TEXTURE CREAMComforting cream for dry to very dry and sensitive skin.  Intensively rich.  It calms redness and itching sensations instantly and protects from skin aging and exteral aggressions.  It wraps the skin in a layer of intense comfort.  Combine with Comfort Cream 1st Wrinkles as a daily care product. 

This anti-aging fomula contains two powerful peptides, IDEALIFT® and MATRIXYL synthe’6®, that fight the signs of aging--facial wrinkles and loose, sagging skin.  It works quickly and in only 6 days, you will see results.  Continual use will show bigger results. 

COUP d'ECLAT EYE COUNTOURING SERUMCOUP d'ECLAT EYE COUNTOURING SERUMDiminishes Wrinkles, Puffiness and Dark Circles. Targets all three problems. Algisium C protects from free radicals. Liposomes of Centella Asiatica "fill in" fine lines. Gingko Biloba and Rutine help to reduce puffiness and diminish the look of "bags". Citrus Extract reduces the appearance of dark circles. Camelina and Grapeseed Oil hydrate, nourish and oxygenate for a brighter look.
A perfect base for foundation and make-up with a silky texture that illuminates, smoothes and matifies the complexion of all skin types.  Combines an immediate lifting effect with anti-wrinkle actions even on the deepest facial lines. 
COUP d'ECLAT INTENSE PLUMPING TREATMENTCOUP d'ECLAT INTENSE PLUMPING TREATMENTWrinkle filler that starts working from the first application.  This unique formula deeply moisturizes the skin and fights the visible signs of aging--wrinkles, loss of firmness and loss of elasticity.  It contains two powerful anti-aging agents, Iparzine®-4A and hyaluronic acid.  In 7 days, you will see visibly younger, firmer and more dense skin.  This treatment is especially formulated to support the action of the collagen ampoules.
COUP d'ECLAT LIFTING AMPOULESCOUP d'ECLAT LIFTING AMPOULESA serum that is applied to clean skin to give an instant "face lift". The skin becomes smoother, traces of fatigue disappear, and fine lines are smoothed out. An added bonus is, when mixed with liquid foundation, it holds make-up in place ALL DAY. Suitable for all skin types.  Boxes of 3, 12, and 20.
COUP d'ECLAT MARINE COLLAGEN AMPOULESCOUP d'ECLAT MARINE COLLAGEN AMPOULESCoup d’Eclat concentrated, anti-aging formula with Marine Collagen plus two new anti-aging peptides.  A day treatment without painful injections.  Any anti-wrinkle treatment has a chance to succeed only if it can reach as deep as the dermis. Coup d'Eclat contains a high concentration of soluble marine collagen.  Its structure is close to the one of "young" collagen, the most active kind for firm and elastic skin.  Boxes of 12 or 20 1 ml plastic ampoules.
COUP d'ECLAT NUTRI-OXYGENATING CLEANSING FOAMCOUP d'ECLAT NUTRI-OXYGENATING CLEANSING FOAMA cleansing foam that allows perfect cleansing for skin that is exposed to pollution and environmental stress. Natural ingredients that are very mild and can be used daily even by persons with sensitive skin. For best results, use with Coup d' Eclat Nutri-Oxygenating Cream.
COUP d'ECLAT NUTRI-OXYGENATING CREAMCOUP d'ECLAT NUTRI-OXYGENATING CREAMA breath of oxygen and vitality for your skin. This Oxygen Skin Care Cream is specifically formulated for urban living: it protects, detoxifies, rebalances and tones skin that is exposed to stress and pollution, awakens the skin’s natural radiance. Pharmaceutically and demologically tested. For best results use with Coup d' Eclat Nutri-Oxygenating Skin Care Cleansing Foam.

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