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The largest and most effective line of sports creams.  Sports Akileine is the officially nominated supplier to The French National University Federation of Sports and The French Olympic Team.  But you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits.  Sports Akileine is for anyone engaging in exercise of any kind.

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AKILEINE SPORT KINOK MASSAGE CREAMAKILEINE SPORT KINOK MASSAGE CREAMA special body massage cream with an incredible 30% Shea Butter content. Has a very good "touch" and "slipping" ability. Used by professionals. Tested in a medical environment. Authentic, unique formula with essential oils.  This is a full 15 ounces of product. 
AKILEINE SPORTS COLD cold/damp protectionAKILEINE SPORTS COLD cold/damp protectionFor protection from the cold and dampness, preventing development of frostbites and chilblains.
AKILEINE SPORTS KIMAS Massage OilAKILEINE SPORTS KIMAS Massage OilMassage before and after sports.  Protects the skin.  Rich in Arnica
AKILEINE SPORTS KOO Crackling Foam SprayAKILEINE SPORTS KOO Crackling Foam SprayCRACKLING SOOTHING foam for skin care, effective cryogen (cold snapshot), slowing nerve transmission of pain message
AKILEINE SPORTS NOK Friction CreamAKILEINE SPORTS NOK Friction CreamAnti chafing and anti friction cream that contains 30% Shea Butter.  It strengthens the skin and prevents the formation of blisters and chafing and improves the skin's elasticity and resistance.  For marathons, triathlons, cross country or the occasional exerciser. 

A relaxing gel for MUSCULAR RECOVERY.  Relaxes the muscles after exercise without lengthy massage. For stiff muscles from ANY cause - not only sports related.  Proven efficiency on the decrease in muscular tiredness. Makes muscular recovery faster. Non-greasy – no massage needed.

AKILEINE SPORTS SANOZ Washing LotionAKILEINE SPORTS SANOZ Washing LotionThe ideal solution to get rid of perspiration tracks after sports.  No water needed. 
AKILEINE SPORTS START Warm up GelAKILEINE SPORTS START Warm up GelA gel that supplies instant DEEP heat and reduces the risk of muscular accidents. Prepares the skin and muscles before sports or doing any exercise in cold weather conditions. After injuries supplies instant, localized heating. Excellent for joint and muscle pain relief. Used by doctors to relieve arthritis, and other joint and muscle pain.

Contains Nicotafuryl, Camphor and Glycol salicylate
AKILEINE SPORTS START Warming OilAKILEINE SPORTS START Warming OilUse Start Oil for protection against coldness or dampness.
AKILEINE SPORTS STOP for PerspirationAKILEINE SPORTS STOP for PerspirationA powerful anti-perspirant foot gel that prevents bad odor and regulates perspiration. Very valuable in sport or exercise situations to avoid over-heating of the soles. Protects skin from microbe and fungal attack.

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